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Husband and wife team drawing dirty pictures and comics. You might know us best as NovaCaster and AlannaHarpsong from our other sites.

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Hello all. Some news on a variety of fronts. There are some new things brewing in Studio Squid Ink. Some things we've been meaning to do for some time now. Somethings slowed down because of the pandemic, or became impossible. Such as getting together some things to hit up some of the many conventions out there. It was hard to proceed forward with so much uncertainty. While we fared well, others have not. So launching other things we've had in mind for some time didn't quite feel like the right time. Who knows how things will continue to go with this pandemic. But life goes on, so must we. And we're long overdue to kick our ass into gear.

Some avenues we've been pursuing may involve tangible merchandise. Because who doesn't love t-shirts, mugs, and stickers. News to come on that front soon, but it is in the works. >_> We are actually waiting on some samples to be made and sent to us.

The thing we really wanted to introduce today was a new platform we're on. We now have a page on SubscribeStar. What is SubscribeStar? It's just like Patreon, but much more on the friendly side with adult content. Does this mean we're getting rid of Patreon? No. Some people really like it. It's not a bad platform, but it does leave something to be desired somedays. But diversification in business can really only help. In talking with some fans, I've run into people who were inclined to support us, but weren't fans of Patreon as a platform. Thus influencing their decision to not subscribe. Also being friendlier on the adult artist content, it gives us plan B if Patreon finally completely banishes us.

SubscribeStar will be exactly the same across the board as Patreon. So, you won't be missing out on anything if you subscribe to one and not the other. Just like Patreon, subscribers, depending on tier, will get early access to art both SFW and NSFW. You'll get to see work in progress on our comic and visual novel/dating sim. As well as getting to vote on the monthly pin-up, copies of the hi-res jpg. See into the actual studio itself and the squids who reside there. Head on over here and check it out!


Will we be opening up any other platforms? We have our eyes on OnlyFans. Still waiting to let a bit of the dust settle from their Tumblr like SNAFU and see where they stand. But that may be coming in the future too.  


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