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Husband and wife team drawing dirty pictures and comics. You might know us best as NovaCaster and AlannaHarpsong from our other sites.

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StudioSquidInk's News

Posted by StudioSquidInk - 4 days ago

If you liked Alanna's Snow fairy, you can now enjoy her a mug, or a t-shirt now. Hoodie. Yoga mat? Why the hell not.


And come to our shop in general! There's coffee-chan, squids and adorable WWII chibis there already.


Pssst. Christmas is coming.


Posted by StudioSquidInk - 7 days ago

Commission Information Here!

Hello all!

Some news from the studio. Alanna and I (Nova) have been talking for a bit. We both realized that come February of 2022 it will have been 3 years since we launched the official website fore Studio Squid Ink. This also means we have not made changes in prices to our commissions in almost 3 years. It's hard to believe that it's been that long already. I suppose in some ways it feels like the pandemic has made time vanish when we weren't paying attention.

Yes, you guessed it. This means Alanna and I are officially revising our commission prices and making adjustments where fair. We've gained a lot of skill in the last three years, and well unfortunately the price of living also keeps going up, and it is no longer realistic for us to continue at our current rate. We also put a lot of hours into each commission to give the best possible piece to you we can. We should have been making appropriate adjustments every year, but have honestly just forgotten. So yes, it will be a little bit of a skip this time around. But should be a lot more gradual in the future. And we will do our best to remember in the future. ^_^;

We're still tweaking numbers. Our current prices will stay in effect until the end of the year. Starting January 1st 2022, our new pricing will take over. So, if you're inclined, now's a great time to get a commission before prices go up.

If you would like to get a commission at our current pricing be sure you get your commission request into us by midnight on the 31st of December, and make sure you are in a position to roll with it in a reasonable amount of time. We won't hold a commission spot for you at the old pricing indefinitely.

~Alanna and Nova

Also check out our merch store! SquidInkSundries.com!



Posted by StudioSquidInk - 1 month ago

Finally, for what you have all been waiting for! News on volume 6 of The Cat House.

We're getting to that point where we have just enough pages done that we feel comfortable starting the release of the next volume. Starting on the first Friday of December, (12/3/2021) we will begin releasing pages. Like usual we will release a page every Friday until we run out of pages. This volume is 30 plus pages. So, it'll be a bit.

However, if you subscribe on either Patreon or SubscribeStar, you'll get access to new pages every Wednesday before we release to the general public. The bonus our Patreons and Subscribers have gotten since the end of the last volume, has been a sneak peak at this volume. From story boards, to sketches, inking, various stages of coloring, etc. At our $10 tier on either platform, you'll get a digital copy of the comic when it's complete. As well as all the other general goodies we have. Like our monthly pin-up that you get to vote on. In full color now.

Support Us on Patreon or SubscribeStar

What can you expect in Volume 6? Aside from the general chaos and sexy shenanigans of the fair folk of The Cat House, you'll also get to meet the next member of the staff, as will Miyuki. Irena, our German nudist chef. No idea what The Cat House is? Well here's a good place to start.

Check Out The Cat House Here!

Remember, December 3rd! Or the 1st for for our wonderful supporters!


Posted by StudioSquidInk - September 26th, 2021

Hello all. Some news on a variety of fronts. There are some new things brewing in Studio Squid Ink. Some things we've been meaning to do for some time now. Somethings slowed down because of the pandemic, or became impossible. Such as getting together some things to hit up some of the many conventions out there. It was hard to proceed forward with so much uncertainty. While we fared well, others have not. So launching other things we've had in mind for some time didn't quite feel like the right time. Who knows how things will continue to go with this pandemic. But life goes on, so must we. And we're long overdue to kick our ass into gear.

Some avenues we've been pursuing may involve tangible merchandise. Because who doesn't love t-shirts, mugs, and stickers. News to come on that front soon, but it is in the works. >_> We are actually waiting on some samples to be made and sent to us.

The thing we really wanted to introduce today was a new platform we're on. We now have a page on SubscribeStar. What is SubscribeStar? It's just like Patreon, but much more on the friendly side with adult content. Does this mean we're getting rid of Patreon? No. Some people really like it. It's not a bad platform, but it does leave something to be desired somedays. But diversification in business can really only help. In talking with some fans, I've run into people who were inclined to support us, but weren't fans of Patreon as a platform. Thus influencing their decision to not subscribe. Also being friendlier on the adult artist content, it gives us plan B if Patreon finally completely banishes us.

SubscribeStar will be exactly the same across the board as Patreon. So, you won't be missing out on anything if you subscribe to one and not the other. Just like Patreon, subscribers, depending on tier, will get early access to art both SFW and NSFW. You'll get to see work in progress on our comic and visual novel/dating sim. As well as getting to vote on the monthly pin-up, copies of the hi-res jpg. See into the actual studio itself and the squids who reside there. Head on over here and check it out!


Will we be opening up any other platforms? We have our eyes on OnlyFans. Still waiting to let a bit of the dust settle from their Tumblr like SNAFU and see where they stand. But that may be coming in the future too.  



Posted by StudioSquidInk - November 8th, 2020

Starting December 4th (December 2nd for $5 and up Patreons) new pages of The Cat House. Volume 5! New pages every Friday (Wednesdays for Patreons) until we run out again.


Posted by StudioSquidInk - February 14th, 2020

So we're finally releasing pages for volume 4 of The Cat House. Volume 4 is pretty special as it was sponsored by one of our wonderful fans. Thanks to Grip, it's been a blast to work with you. It is 30 wonderful pages of fun and naughtiness. There is also a lovely new addition to the house. Sara, come and meet her ... if you dare.

Also with the launch of volume 4, we've re-launched our Patreon. There are a variety of goodies to be had between our $1, $5, and $10 tiers. We already have our first Patreon only pin-up up. Sara, to go with the launch of Volume 4. Votes are under way for March's character. So if you love Chrono Trigger . . . But there's also access to our comic, game news, and art early, before we release it to the public.

Also for a short while, new Patreon's that join at the $10 tier will get the opportunity to collect the first 3 volumes of The Cat House for joining, as well as volume 4 when it's complete. If you're interested head on over:



Posted by StudioSquidInk - October 24th, 2019

That's right! After a long wait between volumes, The Cat House is back with Volume 3! We will be releasing a page every Friday until the volume ends! However, that's not all the news we have involving The Cat House! If all goes according to our plan, we are going to try to just keep releasing pages after Volume 3 is finished. We already have a good head start on volume 4 and if we are able to keep the pace, we're going to try to just keep going into volume 4 with minimal if any down time! Haven't read the last two volumes? Check them out here! Volume 1  Volume 2

Now that our trip is over, we will be back at it full pace here! If you would like to see a mild photo log of our trip, join us on Discord! We are always fairly active over at our channel there, so if communicating with the artists behind the work you like is something you like doing, come join us! We don't bite... much.

Alanna and I have also just finished putting together the official Studio Squid Ink work space! Not that all of us work here all the time since Kaho doesn't in fact live locked in our basement <.< (Or does she!?). I also often work while I'm at... well... work. However this is absolutely at least Alanna and I's primary creative space now that It's finished!  You can see a picture of the finished studio at studiosquidink.net! For now I think that covers the major updates to the studio! As always feel free to leave comments anywhere we can be followed!


Posted by StudioSquidInk - September 14th, 2019

Studio Squid Ink will be on vacation from September 16th to October 8th. While we will have access to our emails and such. I anticipate we will be more concerned with drinking beer and having fun. So if you're trying to get a hold of us, just be patient. We'll do our best to get caught up with everything when we're back home.


Posted by StudioSquidInk - September 14th, 2019

Just to let everyone know Studio Squid Ink will be on vacation from the 16th of September to the 8th of October. We are gallivanting across Germany and Iceland. While we will still be able to access all our email and the like, I anticipate that we will be more concerned in drinking beer and having fun. So if you're trying to get a hold of us, we will catch up with you when we're back home. We're not ignoring you.


Posted by StudioSquidInk - February 17th, 2019

Studio Squid Ink has it's own shiny brand new website now. Full galleries for both artists, comics, commission info, contact us and the works. Blog and calendar so you can keep up with what we're up to. Which of course includes more comics. But also we're working on a game.

A game?!

Yup a game involving our comic The Cat House. It will be a visual novel and dating sim. Now you can play amongst the chaos of The Cat House instead of just watching it.

That being said, it's still very much in it's beginning stages. A lot of work has been done so far. But there are miles and miles to go yet. So you can keep up with it's progress via the website. Also planing a lot of streams in which you can watch us work on the art for the game. We will have a stream calendar for that. Still ironing out a set day or two for sure. But as often as we can.

Check us out: