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Husband and wife team drawing dirty pictures and comics. You might know us best as NovaCaster and AlannaHarpsong from our other sites.

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Posted by StudioSquidInk - December 4th, 2018

Lets see how did we end up here? *chough* Tumblr *cough* We like many others are being chased off Tumblr for our adult content. We got the idea as we watched many of the artist we love post, you can find me here posts before they get shut down. We noticed that some of the new grounds admins were like "hey ... it's better over here". And so here we are. Thanks honestly for reaching out to us. It means a lot admist much of the anger and hurt felt over there.


So who are we? Well we are a husband and wife team. We draw dirty pictures and make dirty comics. While both of us have done art for years, we finally started combining our skills to take on big projects. We are unashamed and love doing it and won't stop until we die ... or lose our hands. <_< Hands are pretty essential. >_> It's going to be a long process of up loading our content as we've been doing our joint projects for a few years now. Most of our other sites know us by our pen names of AlannaHarpsong and NovaCaster. Nova has his own personal page here. Or will soon. As I likely will too. More for our individual works. But all our joint works will appear here.

Our biggest title to us currently is our comic The Cat House. Which started off as Nova drawing a cat girl maid. Then I needed one. And things just got messy and wildly crazy from there. Hopefully you have as much fun with them as we do.

Thank you all for stopping by.